The Kyosho Ultima, after months of carefully looking over pictures that were included with auctions, I finally found the one I wanted to buy. Everything on this Ultima looked complete and in good shape. After delivery I was not disappointed. The only thing that was broken was two of the shock collars. Not bad considering that these are always broken so having two that are intact was good news. I was also able to find a NIP set of decals that arrived two days later. With the purchase of my Hirobo 44B came a NIB body set for the Ultima...SCORE!!!
        The restoration of this buggy went quick for the most part. All of the parts were in great shape. One thing that I learned was that the Ultima used quite a few plastic nuts. These were in place of the old nylon threaded nuts for the wheels and shock mounts. They strip so easily that I  made sure to replace them right away.
        The worst thing about this restoration was the Lexan body. In the above picture you can see the new one. As for the painted one, I tried to use the brake fluid, it did nothing. After that the Easy-Off. Still nothing. I tried everything, even thinner. I all but destroyed the body. There was no way I could paint this one on the inside, so I painted the outside. The decals came with it from the previous owner. Thankfully all the large graphic decals had never been cut out. Even though this body is a runner I think it turned out pretty well.
        Here it is, all finished. Everything on this buggy is original except the shock nuts and wheel nuts, I put the originals back on just for the pictures. Also the motor is a Kyosho Le Mans 240ST. Kyosho named these motors based on the run time in seconds. This motor will have 240 seconds of run time. This was before the motors were named by their number of turns.
        Painting the tire sidewall lettering was really tough. The Bridgestone Sand Super tires have much smaller letters and take a very steady hand to paint. Servos and radio gear will be installed soon along with the speed control. I can't wait to get this one on the track for action shots!