12/11/08 - So I'm back! So much to write about. After making quite a few very important additions to my collection I thought I should bite the bullet and make some additions to the website as well. Now that I'm back in the saddle I will be adding several new pages to the cars section, as well as fixing up some of the other pages.

12/20/08 - It's been a busy few days, I have added three new buggies to my collection and Santa hasn't even come yet. I have also gotten caught up with the car pages to include all the cars I now have.
12/27/08 - With some assistance from my wife, Santa was able to pickup a Wild Willy 2000. It's funny how on Tower Hobbies web site and in the catalogs and on the box it clearly states this kit does not come with an ESC. To my surprise it had one in the box. I can't wait to build this one. Pictures will be up soon.
1/15/09 - I have been working on the Gallop that I got really cheap from the local hobby shop when a guy didn't pay his bill. I gotta say this buggy is so dirty and abused. That combined with the insane number of parts in this kit, restoring this one is going to take forever! Sometimes I am tempted to skip scrubbing things like screws, nuts and the like, but then I remember why I do this. Being able to put together a kit that is as close to new as you get without feeling guilty about opening a "new in box" kit is well worth the effort.