Welcome to Vintage RC Web.
        When someone goes mad and decides that collecting vintage r/c buggies from the 80's is a good idea, the first thing that mad person needs is information. VintageRCWeb was put together to not only showcase my collection and document its progress, but to also pass on any of the information that I've gathered after endless hours of searching. This includes history, manuals, decals, artilces, how to write-ups, and even a chat room for visitors.

        I built my first real r/c when I was 10 years old. It was a Kyosho nitro buggy, the Circiut1000Advance. This was not the right choice for a beginner. I was able to get it running a few times and that was all it took. I switched to electric shortly after that and had several different models over the years. Fast-forward 20 years. During a move in the summer of 2004 I found an old Kyosho TurboOptima that had been haunting various closets in a shoebox for years. I thought putting it back together into running condition would be a good idea. I rebuilt the car and made a list of the broken or missing parts and made my first serious trip to eBay. While searching for parts I saw all the buggies I had dreamt about as a kid. I was hooked.
        I sat down and made a list of all the buggies that I could remember, with a little help from other web sites my list was finished. This list was quite long and it was then that I realized how much time, effort and money my collection would take. Undaunted I began my research into all the cars on my list, it was very difficult to find everything I needed, but after some time I was ready to begin building my collection. The resources I've found and the information surrounding these early pieces of r/c history are now contained within these pages. Please have a look around and if I can be of any help to you, just let me know.

07/19/09 - Over the last few moths I have added several buggies and their descriptions, including the Cox Sidewinder, Hirobo Alien Mid4 and the Coors Melling Thunderbird. I have several more to add in the coming days.