As with most of my purchases, I found this during my morning search on eBay. This Rockn' City was in a lot of odds and ends. Unfortunately there was no body set with this one but the price was right so I made sure it became mine.
        When the package arrived I was so happy to find that the 44B chassis had never been run. The shocks had not even been filled. Also the tires still had the protective white powder on them. The original decals were also included untouched with the manual. Quite a few other bits for other cars as well. New Kyosho red shocks, Sand Scorcher tires and rims never run. Even some new Mud Star Kyosho tires.
        I'm not sure if I'm ever going to get this one into running order. I don't think I'll ever find a body set so I may just find a body that fits so that I can experience what it's like to actually drive one of these super rare buggies.
        After years of searching I have finally gathered all the bits I need to build this buggy! I had a reader that had the body, windows and a complete chassis. He was missing the decal set and the buggy was never finished. Shipping from the UK to Colorado was a killer but well worth having this one complete. The best part is the chassis I have can remain unused as the chassis that came with the body can be the runner.