The Kyosho Turbo Scorpion is an improved version of its more common sibling the Kyosho Scorpion. Released in 1985, by both Kyosho and Cox, the turbo version had quite a few improvements over the original. The first and most obvious was the body. The turbo had a new roof that had two rectangles cut into it; the roll bar has two new flanges to mount rally lights on. The lexan body was also modified with more air duct indentions, two on the nose and two on the hood (bonnet). The rims and tires also received an update. The white, five hole rims were used and then later, the more common five star. The tires were then changed to the very difficult to find "Sand Super" spikes in the rear and ribbed in the front. These tires were also used on the Circuit 1000 Advance, the Assault and the well-known Optima. Other new bits included, 10mm shocks, new heat sink, wing stay, smaller bumper and the LeMans 360e motor.
        These buggies were very strong and withstood a hearty helping of abuse. They did have a few weaknesses as well. The Shock collars, as with all Kyosho kits would crack very easily, these are some of the most difficult to find these days. The rims on the front also allowed the tires to peel off quite easily during turns. Great care must be taken when gluing the tires to the rim. The body set was also very difficult to keep in one piece. As with nearly all of the roll cage style kits, one roll over at speed would send rally lights flying and the roll bar would most certainly break from its mounting points. The solid bearings that were included with the kit are very difficult to remove to install ball race bearings. I've yet to experiment on getting these out. I have a beat up parts car I will try this on first and will post a "how to  once Iím successful.