The Kyosho Tomahawk was based quite heavily on the the original Scorpion design. Although most of this buggy came from its older brother, there are a few things that make it truly unique. The first of these changes came in the form of one of the best looking lexan bodies that Kyosho has ever made. The body set came with two piece rally lights that mounted above the driver compartment and duel exhaust pipes mounted on the top of the rear deck lid. The set also included mesh nets that were to be placed in the windows after cutting away the lexan of the side windows. As with most of the Kyosho buggies of the period, a driver doll was also included to complete the scale look.
        Not all of the changes made to this model were cosmetic. The original tub style radio box was done away with and replaced with single plate radio tray and a large lower brace plate. The transmission came with a bolt on heat sink to help dissipate some of the heat created by the speed control resistors. A new metal brace was also added between the rear trailing arms.
        As with all models the Tomahawk had its share of weak points. All of these were passed on from the Scorpion. The way the front tires mount to the rims made them prone to peeling of if not glued just right. The shocks were a bit under under powered and the design of the shock collars made them very easy to break while adjusting.
Manufacture - Kyosho
Model - Tomahawk
Year - 1985
Kit# - 3065
Drivetrain - 2wd
Motor - RS-540
Length -
Width -
Height -
Weight -
Decals - 1
Ad - (none)